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IBM Numeric PS/2 Keypad (Black, 17 keys) Model No. KB-9880 FRU: 19K2058 P/N: 07G0032
Keypad Interface
     I purchased an IBM 07G0032 keypad on eBay for $6 thinking it would plug into the keyboard port and probably act like the right end of a regular PS/2 keyboard.  However, this keypad was intended for a Thinkpad laptop computer that only had an external mouse connector.  The pinout of the PS/2 connector was different and even the keycodes and the way the key-up code worked was not the same.  However, it actually makes the interface to the NXT easier.
     The key-down codes are shown below, and the key-up code is just this code plus 128.  Unlike the PS/2 keyboard which sends F0hex and repeats the key-down code.  The keypad also does not resend the key-down code repeatedly if you hold a key down for a long time.  Both of these features makes the NXT software much easier.  Other than the PS/2 connector pinout, the hardware is the same as my keyboard interface.
     The NXT-G program below calls the KeyNum MyBlock twice to create a two digit number that is passed to my custom block for the TDA8444.  It only works correctly if you hit two consecutive 0 to 9 number keys.  The KeyNum MyBlock is also shown below.  It just loops untill it sees that a new keycode has been received and that the value is for a key-down code.  Then it looks up the numerical value of the key from a file called keynum.txt.  Keys other than the numbers have values 10 and greater.  Ideally these would be used to signify negative, delete, enter etc.
Here is a little video of the keypad interface in action.
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